Store Locator Functionality FAQ

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This article outlines several common questions regarding Store Locator's many functionalities.

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Can I embed Store Locator on other pages?

Yes.  Store Locator still creates its own proxy page that has to be included in your store's navigation, but the map can now also be easily displayed almost anywhere in your theme using Shopify's new app block functionality:   Install Store Locator Using Online Store 2.0 App Blocks & Sections

Where does the store export go?

When an export is performed, the .CSV file will be sent to the email address on file for the store owner.

What is required in my .CSV file?

Store Locator offers the ability to import your store locations in bulk via .CSV file.

It is important to note that only 1,000 stores can be imported per day.

Store Name

This information is required.


This information is required.

The physical address of the store.

  • Locations within a mall or shopping center should only include the mailing address.
  • Locations that are online only should be excluded.

Note: P.O. boxes are not supported.

Address 2

This information is not required.

The store's unit number, buzz code, or other information relative to the store's street address.


This information is required.

Note: City names must be written in full. Abbreviations will not be accepted.

IE. Winnipeg, Toronto, Chicago

Province / State

This information is required.

Note: Province and State names must be written in full. Abbreviations will not be accepted.

IE. Manitoba, Ontario, Illinois


This information is required.

Note: Country names must be written in full. Abbreviations will not be accepted.

IE. Canada, United States

Postal / Zip Codes

This information is required.


This information is required.

What if I encounter errors during my import?

Some locations may error out upon import due to incorrect formatting or Google not being able to locate the address. You will receive a list of locations that failed to geolocate via email. You will need to verify the address of these locations.

If the address is correct but the location is in the wrong place, please visit Stores are Displaying near Africa or Otherwise Incorrectly.

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